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facts about flowers

Interesting facts about flowers

Flowers are a direct confirmation of the fact that beauty is able to overshadow all the riches of the world.

Probably everyone admires the flowers, and the Master, who designs flowers with his own hands, especially has special feelings for them. How much do we know about flowers? Mon Amie flowers boutique has prepared the most amazing and interesting facts about flowers so that you can immerse yourself even more in the amazing floral world and learn some of its mysteries.

Top 13 facts about flowers

1. Despite the fact that Calla looks very elegant, you will be shocked to learn that this is one of the most poisonous species of fauna. The entire part of this plant is highly toxic and can even kill!

2. A gentle and animate herald of spring, the lily of the valley inspired people to create a number of legends. For example, the Christian legend says that the tears that the Virgin Mary shed on the cross of the crucified Jesus turned into lilies of the valley, therefore the flower is sometimes called the “Tears of the Virgin”. Another legend tells of lilies of the valley grown on the blood of St. George, shed during his battle with a huge dragon.

3. In many countries, flowers find application … in cooking. Soups are seasoned with calendula leaves in France and England, and buds of alfalfa added to salads. Dahlia tubers are eaten in Mexico. The Chinese consider the bulbs of some lilies to be completely edible, and they make flour from lotus rhizomes and cook soup. Flavored jelly is made from violets in France, and chrysanthemum petals are used to make delicious delicacies in Japan. Also, you can try delicious salads from young dandelion leaves, its boiled roots are used instead of spinach, and when roasted, they can replace coffee.

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