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Kalavan – The big miracle of the small village

The village of Kalavan is located in Gegharkunik region, 137 km from Yerevan.

The story of Kalavan

In the past the village of Amrher belonged to Azerbaijan, after the Artsakh war it passed to Armenia and was renamed to Kalavan. The village is rich and diverse in nature. Kalavan is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above the sea level. About 120 people live in the village. The road leading to the village as is in a satisfactory condition, however, the last 7 km are difficult to overcome. Local residents joke: “The road to paradise is not easy.”

Robert Ghukasyan

Robert Ghukasyan is an archaeologist who has visited many countries as a part of a scientific expedition. Last year Robert participated in a conference devoted to scientific adventure tourism. The conference was held in Alaska. In 2013, Robert Ghukasyan founded the Time land fund. The purpose of the fund is to implement scientific and educational programs, develop tourism with the help of internal resources, which in their turn should lead to an improvement in the living standards of the population.

How it all started?

Robert started with individual talks with the villagers, explaining, inspiring, serving as an example. And his efforts were crowned with success. Kalavan has gained popularity not only in Armenia but also far beyond its borders. Tourists from different countries reached out to Kalavan. Tourists from Russia, China, Israel, Argentina, Peru, Canada, Germany, Poland, etc. visited this heavenly place.

Local residents

Local residents collect berries in the forest. And, it is difficult to imagine that they cook from these berries more than 120 dishes, which, of course, attracted the attention of the tourists. Men rebuild their houses to guesthouses. This year there are 7 new guesthouses.

Despite the fact that such a bold project did not suit everyone the Foundation is supported by such companies as World Vision and some others.

Direction of development

The main direction of development of the founders is to turn the native region into an educational and cultural centre. And ecotourism is not a goal, but a help in the implementation of the project.

The Fund outlined three main directions of development:

-organic agriculture


-educational programs

Investments are not always welcome

According to Robert, investments are not always welcome. Residents of Kalavan refuse any sponsorship, as a result of which the originality of this unique place may be violated.

After spending only a few days in this picturesque corner, you leave with unforgettable impressions.

Visit Kalavan and charge yourself with vivacity, health and vitality. Have a nice time!