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5 Must go cities in Armenia outside the capital

Even though the capital Yerevan is the most populous place in Armenia with many attractions, Armenia has a lot more to offer. From the center of culture to the home of many churches, here are the 5 must go cities in Armenia that are outside the capital.


Often called Armenia’s capital for arts and crafts, the second largest city of the country is well known for its poets, artists and craftsmen, who have left a huge cultural heritage to Gyumri. The city has a street called Varpetats poghoc (street of masters), where the homes of many famous poets and artists have turned into fascinating museums.

The city has also not lost touch with its history – many famous sights where old Soviet movies have been shot are still preserved, along with the ancient but still inhabited houses that go as far as 1900s.

If you are a tea lover, be sure to stop by Tea and Honey. Along with healthy and delicious food, this place is hands down the best teahouse in the country.

And, if you are into a menu that is primarily based on fish options, you have to visit Cherkezi Dzor – one of the very first fish restaurants in the country. With different variations of dishes such as fish kebab, barbeque and many more, Cherkezi Dzor is a great place for a friendly mingle or a family get together event.


Located in the breathtaking Vayots Dzor region, Yeghegnadzor landscape is nothing like what you’ll experience in any other part of the country. The very unique rocks and caves of the area contain a huge history inside them, including the world’s oldest shoe found in a cave right outside Yeghegnadzor. It also provides the perfect conditions for a roadtrip to explore the nature of the countryside.

The region is famous for its winemaking, so check out Old Bridge Winery for an amazing wine tasting experience and a winery tour. If you have spare time in your hands, make sure to visit some of the other famous wineries outside the city as well, located in Areni. The area is also the perfect opportunity to pay a visit for several monasteries and old historic museums, such as Noravank, and Vayots Dzor History Museum in Yeghegnadzor itself.


Often referred as the Little Switzerland of Armenia, Dilijan has to offer a lot to its visitors. Starting from the many hiking trails inside and outside the city, to hosting the Armenian branch of international United World Colleges, the city has many attractions. Inside the city is Sharambeyan street that combines the old buildings with a modernized touch of vintage.

Located in the beautiful Tavush region, every part of Dilijan is covered in trees and mountains. Check out the National Park of the city, and if you are into nature, go to Parz Lake – the views are indescribable.

Tip: the restaurants in Dilijan are some of the best food you will eat in the country. Be sure to try Kchuch, Tava, Flying Ostrich or anything else, really. They are all amazing!

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