New Year and Christmas Celebration in Armenia

new year in armenia

In most of the countries in the world, New Year is celebrated on December 31, late at night. Armenia is not an exception. But the New Year celebration in Armenia is somewhat different than in other countries. Here are some distinctive features of the ”Armenian New Year Celebration”.

On this day generous and hospitable Armenians cannot do without a rich table. They decorate their tables with the treasures of Armenian cuisine. Though every housewife has her unique style, there are some dishes which are absolute musts.

The first of those dishes is tolma (minced meat and rice rolls wrapped in grape leaves of cabbage). This dish is so tasty, that you will not stop eating it until you are full. Although Armenians are meat enthusiasts, they also have a vegetarian variant of tolma, in this case, meat is replaced with different kinds of grain.

The next one is blinchik. This mouth-watering dish is made of minced meat spiced with seasoning, which is then wrapped by soft dough and then fried. This dish is mainly ”popular” among kids. Tolma and blinchik are hot dish musts, but there is also a must among the sweets.

That one is called charaz. Charaz is just a combination of walnut, hazelnut, pistachio and raisin. This is one of the most loved sweets in Armenia.
And what a holiday table without alcohol and the gem of the table is wine. A glass of wine contains so many toasts and wishes that even the people who don’t ever drink, cannot resist the temptation. On the ”New Year Table” you can also find various dried fruits, salads, sweets, in a nutshell anything for any taste.

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