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offroad-tours in armenia

Off-road trip to the most beautiful corners of Armenia

Off-road tours are a chance to see Armenia at its best – not only natural and historical sights but also a jeep ride along the mountain roads of the Gegham ridge and in the foothills of Aragats.

If you are a supporter of off-road adventures, like to explore the unknown nature and culture, you are on the right track to begin your journey through Armenia. Off-road tours to Armenia will become your unforgettable adventure in the fresh mountain air of the Armenian expanses.

The most interesting directions of offroad tours in Armenia

You can take a 4×4 off-road trip to Garni through the Garni Canyon, which stretches along the Azat and Gokht rivers. You will certainly be surprised at the magnificent artificial stones, extending from the foot to the very top of the Stone Symphony gorge. Rising from the gorge to the village, you will find yourself in the temple of Garni, dedicated to the sun god Mihr. After the adoption of Christianity in Armenia, the shrine was used as the summer residence of Armenian kings.

You can take an off-road jeep tour to the north of Armenia, where the highest mountain of Armenia is located – Aragats. Amberd Fortress is located on the way to Aragats – a medieval castle built in the 10th century. The landscape surrounding the fortress and alpine flowers on the wings of Aragats is amazing.

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