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Unique Atmosphere of old Tbilisi

When you plan your trip to Georgia, have at least 2 days in the capital city of Georgia — Tbilisi, spending a day in the historical center of Tbilisi — old town. The city derives its name from the hot sulfur springs that are very popular in the country. “Tbili” in Georgian means “warm”. Based on the legend, Georgian king Vakhtang I was hunting in the forest near Mtskheta (the first capital of Georgia). He shot a pheasant and sent his falcon to find the hunted prey. While the king and the hunters were searching for the birds, they stumbled upon a hot spring. This is where the King decided to found a city, because of its perfect location.

Usually, tourists make a list for the things they want to do in Tbilisi, so we strongly recommend you put “Spend a whole day in old Tbilisi” point in your list and enjoy the unique atmosphere of old Tbilisi. Make sure to visit Abanotubani district, which is famous for its Sulfur baths. The baths are an amazing place to relax for several hours, especially during the cold weather.

If you take old Tbilisi tour, you will have a great chance to stop in every corner of the city, admire and explore the unique architecture, culture and of course, wine. Tbilisi is a wine town. Local cafes, bars, and restaurants will suggest you Georgian qvevri wine. Taste it, it is wonderful.

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