Visiting Armenia on a Budget

Хор Вирап на фоне Арарата

The spring vacations are near and you are not sure where to visit on a budget? Welcome to one of the most ancient countries in the world – Armenia, rich with lovely nature, hospitable people and delicious food. Recently, many world-famous magazines have ranked Armenia in the top list of tourist destinations and many enthusiasts find their way to this marvelous country to know more about its culture, history, and traditions. Things to do in Armenia include exploration of ancient culture and historical sites, hiking through the untouched nature and…

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International Women’s Day Celebrations in Armenia

march 8

In many countries, International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8, but in Armenia, a whole month is devoted to women! The festival of lovely ladies begins on March 8 and ends on April 7, when the Day of Motherhood and Beauty is celebrated in Armenia. How do Armenians celebrate international women’s day in Armenia? Read on! Traditionally, the role of women in Armenian families has been reduced to the keeper of the hearth and mother of the family, and not all women decided to challenge positions in state structures with men. Declaration of…

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Georgia as a Homeland of Winemaking

wines in Georgia

The Georgian wine history, according to some archaeologists, is about 8000 years old and the traditional way of winemaking called “kvervi” is even added by UNESCO in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Nowadays, numerous wineries and vineyards in Georgia are available in Georgia. For the Georgians, wine is not just a drink. It is a great part of Georgian culture, national identity and heritage. So it is impossible to fully experience Georgian culture without tasting traditional Georgian wine. Here is a helpful guide on how to find the best…

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The best photography places in Armenia


Not sure what to see in Armenia and where to make unforgettable photos? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of the most beautiful photography places in Armenia. The most beautiful places in Armenia Jermuk The city of Jermuk is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia, its name comes from the designation of hot healing mineral springs. Plain plateaus and picturesque stone formations acting in different places, alpine meadows and dense green forests create wonderful surroundings for relaxation and treatment in Armenia. It can be one of the most beautiful photography places…

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5 Tips to Travel to Armenia in Winter


Armenia is a marvelous country with a rich history, stunning nature, and most importantly hospitable people. Armenia is a destination you can visit at any season, but every season has its distinctive features. Now we are in the middle of winter-time and you must plan your trip well before your arrival. You should decide the things you want to do in Armenia during the winter and the outstanding winter activities you want to be involved in, because winter is the best time to visit Armenia for snow. Imagine mountains, hills…

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Trending fowers of 2020


The year 2019 has been a great year for the floristry industry and 2020 is shaping up to be another exciting year. It’s looking to be a particularly inclusive year due to the polar palette trends that are emerging: neutrals vs psychedelics. Whatever your personal taste, flowers are a great way to express personality and spread a little happiness either as a gift or a treat for your own home. Looking for some floral inspiration for 2020? From scent to color and style, these are the floral trends you need…

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Unique Atmosphere of old Tbilisi


When you plan your trip to Georgia, have at least 2 days in the capital city of Georgia — Tbilisi, spending a day in the historical center of Tbilisi — old town. The city derives its name from the hot sulfur springs that are very popular in the country. “Tbili” in Georgian means “warm”. Based on the legend, Georgian king Vakhtang I was hunting in the forest near Mtskheta (the first capital of Georgia). He shot a pheasant and sent his falcon to find the hunted prey. While the king…

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Self-Drive Winter Itinerary


If you are looking for some self-drive trips in Armenia, then Enterprise-Armenia is here to help you plan your safe and comfortable tour, offering from the wide selection cars for the winter roads of Armenia. Book your transportation and chase away to explore pure Armenian culture and heritage. And here are the best places to visit and some things to do during winter in Armenia. The capital city of Armenia, Yerevan, is an open air museum. Founded in 782 BC by king Argishti I Yerevan is one of the oldest…

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Armenian Cuisine – The best reason to visit Armenia

gastronomic tours

Armenia possesses a unique geographical location that has worked best in favor of its culinary presence! Armenian cuisine is the oldest cuisine in the Caucasus if formed about two thousand years ago. Everything from pickles to rice is worth tasting. Armenian tables will always be full not only with different dishes but also with their hearts’ warmth. They insist on preparing the dishes themselves using organic and fresh ingredients, and they focus on healthy and beneficial components. Here’s what you must-try during your stay in Armenia. Water Real water drinkers know that not all…

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Discover the beautiful sites of Armenia and Georgia


Combined tours to Armenia and Georgia are an excellent opportunity to see these two countries at once in a fairly short period of time. The trip program is rich and leaves magnificent impressions and positive emotions! Tours combine a large number of beautiful sights of Georgia and Armenia: mountains, valleys, serpentines, passes, rivers and lakes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the architectural monuments of the countries: ancient, ascetic and at the same time such cozy churches, monasteries, ancient cave cities and rock monasteries and even a pagan temple in Armenia. Classic tour Armenia…

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