Off-road trip to the most beautiful corners of Armenia

offroad-tours in armenia

Off-road tours are a chance to see Armenia at its best – not only natural and historical sights but also a jeep ride along the mountain roads of the Gegham ridge and in the foothills of Aragats. If you are a supporter of off-road adventures, like to explore the unknown nature and culture, you are on the right track to begin your journey through Armenia. Off-road tours to Armenia will become your unforgettable adventure in the fresh mountain air of the Armenian expanses. The most interesting directions of offroad tours in Armenia You can take a 4×4 off-road…

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Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

flowers for valentines day

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet to make your partner fall in love with you all over again? Well, each flower sends a unique message and at the same time, each woman finds a type of flower closer to her character. So, you will have a large pool from where you’ll choose the one that will make this day the most special. Here are the choices that you have: Roses A dozen red roses are, and will always be the safest Valentine’s gesture. However, did you know that there…

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Enjoy the winter in wonderful Armenia


Armenia is one of the most amazing and interesting countries in the world. Armenia can rightfully be proud of its ancient and eventful history. We can see the border of Armenia already on the map of Herodotus of the 5th century, and the state of Great Armenia left its powerful cultural mark throughout the region. Today, in terms of richness and cultural value of tourist routes, Armenia can argue with many countries of the world. The entire territory of the country can rightfully be called an “open-air museum”, because here, in an amazing way, the abundance of…

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Explore Kakheti Region


Okay, you are already in Georgia. It means you should explore the Kakheti region. You can call it the “motherland” of Georgian wine because the region is very famous for its tasty wines and chacha (Georgian vodka). There are several options for Kakheti tour, but these two are the best: Kakheti wine tour This is for those, who like wine, more wine and even more wine. Explore Georgia’s winemaking heritage in Kakheti — one of the 8 wine regions of Georgia. Kakheti is famous for Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane varieties.…

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Two wonderful countries of Caucasus

Tbilisi, Georgia

Armenia and Georgia are boarder neighbors and many tours are held to include both of these countries in one long visit. Both of these countries are worth discovering, and they get along very well together. Although they are two separate countries with different histories, it is easy to spot many similarities between the two. You can start your trip from Armenia then head to Georgia, or vice versa. If you’re planning an interesting vacation, here’s what you need to cover in both Armenia and Georgia. Capital Cities Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, is considered…

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Tourism in Georgia


Georgia hosts tourists round the year. Lovely historical places, delicious cuisine, and wine and amazing nature make this country attractive to tourists. Georgia tourism statistics show that only in 2018 more than eight million international, non-resident travelers came to Georgia and 66.7% of international visitors were only tourists. Why you should visit Georgia? Here are just a few reasons why you should spend your summer in Georgia. Rent a car via Enterprise Rent-A-Car and travel as much as you want. Food, traveling, accommodations are not expensive. It is beautiful and…

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Taste the delicious flavors of Armenia

Armenian cuisine

Armenia is famous for simple but very tasty dishes. Having chosen our gastronomic tour to Armenia, you will learn the secrets of traditional Armenian dishes. You can try the dishes typical for different regions of Armenia. Tastings, lunches, and dinners will be held in authentic restaurants and rural houses, where everything is prepared with fresh products. In addition, we, of course, will get acquainted with the amazing Armenian culture, try gourmet food in Armenia, visit rocky monasteries, medieval fortresses, marvel with the banks of the famous Lake Sevan,  see the main Armenian shrines, magnificent mountains, and rivers,…

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Armenia as a winter destination

It’s already winter and you wonder where to spend the winter holidays? The answer is – Armenia, a small country where you can go in any season and still get delighted. So let’s start from the list of places to visit and winter tours to consider. Tsaghkadzor This cozy town is the most popular winter destination in Armenia. The elevation of Tsaghkadzor is quite high, that’s why even during the warm winters it’s covered with snow. This fact allows the town to possess winter sports infrastructures. Every year hundreds of…

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New Year and Christmas Celebration in Armenia

new year in armenia

In most of the countries in the world, New Year is celebrated on December 31, late at night. Armenia is not an exception. But the New Year celebration in Armenia is somewhat different than in other countries. Here are some distinctive features of the ”Armenian New Year Celebration”. On this day generous and hospitable Armenians cannot do without a rich table. They decorate their tables with the treasures of Armenian cuisine. Though every housewife has her unique style, there are some dishes which are absolute musts. The first of those…

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The most iconic churches and monasteries of Armenia


Armenia gratifies for being the first country to adopt Christianity back in 301AD. The religion was initiated in the missions of Apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus in the first century. Hence the splendid number of churches and monasteries in Armenia: more than 4000 churches! Of course, nobody will have the time to visit them all, although each one of them is worthy to be explored, so here’s a list of the most frequented churches in Armenia. Khor Virap Monastery Khor Virap is an iconic pilgrimage site that Armenians are very proud of. It is located near the…

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