Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

flowers for valentines day

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet to make your partner fall in love with you all over again?

Well, each flower sends a unique message and at the same time, each woman finds a type of flower closer to her character. So, you will have a large pool from where you’ll choose the one that will make this day the most special. Here are the choices that you have:


A dozen red roses are, and will always be the safest Valentine’s gesture. However, did you know that there are around 150 types of roses? Although red roses symbolize romance and passion, you can always go out of the norm and buy something unique. If you’re still new in the relationship, you can offer your valentine white roses that express devotion. You can go with Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose if you are married since these flowers are elegant and will add beauty to your home décor.


Similar to the roses, there are about 90 species in the lilies’ family. The most suitable ones for this special day are Tiger-lily, which is associated with passion, Stragazer lily, which will reveal wealth and ambition, and Yellow lily which symbolizes joy, cheer, and happiness. Lilies can be mixed with roses to give the bouquet a royal effect.


It is a bid daring to offer sunflowers on Valentine’ day, but making the effort to think outside of the box will be appreciated by your loved one. The wide, open faces of these flowers represent longevity, warmth, happiness, and loyalty. So, they might be romantic after all!

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