You have decided to take a road trip and explore the different sights of Armenia. Only about 1.5-2 hour drive from Yerevan, Yeghegnadzor has so much to offer!
So what should you see before you get to the city, once you are there, what are the best places to eat and drink, as well as stay a night or two in Yeghegnadzor?



Leaning towards the south of the country, Yeghegnadzor weather is usually temperate and mild. It is the centre of Vayots Dzor region which stands out for its unusual nature. So as you take the road trip, look around and see the unique composition of rocks and trees on your way.

On the road to get to Yeghegnadzor is Areni –a village that is most famous for its wine production history. In any step of the road are sold various homemade wines – starting from flavours of classic grapes to even peach and raspberry. If you are interested in learning more on how wine is made in this region, take a tour at Areni Wine Factory or other wineries in the village. Fun fact – about ten years ago, a 5500-year-old leather shoe has been found at one of the caves in Areni, which is believed to be the oldest shoe in the world.


Around 5-6 kilometres away from Areni is Noravank – one of the most mesmerizing monasteries you will ever see in Armenia, with a view of the beautiful gorge all around. This ancient monastery was built in the 13th century and what stands out about it are the narrow stairs on the church of Surb Astvatsatsin. You need to be brave and really have the nerves to climb through them to get to the second floor.

Once you have made it to the city of Yeghegnadzor, you should check out Vayots Dzor History Museum. It’s not big but it’s a very informative place about the region and its stories. Just outside, in Vernashen village is the Gladzor University Historical-Cultural Museum-Reservation, which displays the rich history of one of the oldest universities of Armenia.


Right in the city is the famous Yeghegnadzor Food Court. It is a very common stop for travellers that are either going to a place in Vayots Dzor or continuing their road even further to Syunik region and beyond. So, besides finding good food, you are likely to meet many foreigners who are exploring the country just like you.


Interested in tasting more wine? Do not miss the chance to have an amazing experience at Old Bridge Winery. You can take a tour at the Winery, and with an amazing view conclude the day with wine tasting. The place also offers a B&B (Bed & Breakfast), along with other services.

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