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Flowers exist from ancient times and they play an important role in the life of all nations. Many beautiful stories are associated with flowers.

The aim of the flowers in ancient times was not only pleasing people but also healing, protecting from the evil eye, decorating altars and much more.

You can read stories, myths and legends about the origin of flowers. Do you find out how a white rose turned into a red one? Let’s learn more together.

Each flower had its own history, and a very ancient history soon became a legend.

The legend of the origin of the rose

This flower was born from sea foam together with goddess Aphrodite, and at first, it was white, but from a drop of blood of the goddess of love and beauty, it became red.

The ancients believed that this flower instilled courage and therefore instead of helmets they wore wreaths of roses, it was depicted on their shields, and the winners were poured with petals of flowers.

The legend of the origin of Lily

There are many stories, myths and legends about this beautiful flower named Lily. It is called the mistress of flowers and is always associated with purity and innocence. Lily received its name from the ancient words meaning “white-white”.

It is also the symbol of France, and in the Middle Ages, it was believed that this flower can change metals into gold.

The legend of the origin of tulip

Persia and Holland glorified this beautiful flower. Poets worship tulips in poems and they can also be found on their money. The legend tells that it was in the bud of a tulip that happiness was concluded, but no one could get to it. It was the child’s soul, carefree happiness and laughter that opened it.

The first written mention of the tulip belongs to the XI-XII centuries. Its images were found in the manuscript of the Bible. In ancient literary Persian works, the flower was called “dulbash” – a turban, the so-called headdress in the East, resembling a flower.


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