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Things to do in Yerevan, Armenia on March 8

March 8 is the brightest, long-awaited, beloved and joyful spring holiday in Armenia!

It is possible to decorate this wonderful holiday and make it truly unforgettable by travelling to festive and flourishing Armenia! It is in Armenia that you are welcomed with hospitality, tasty and nourishing food, fresh air filled with the smells of flowering apricots!

Visiting the sights of Armenia, you will be able to open only part of it, which is seen by guests and tourists. However, if the purpose of your visit is to get acquainted with the country, its people and its cuisine from the inside, then we recommend visiting interesting events that will take place in honour of women in the period of March 8 – 10.

For full integration into the Armenian reality, only your presence is needed!

So let’s go! What awaits you in Armenia on March 8, 2019?

Nairian Party

Factory Party

Friday, March 8, 2019, beginning at 20:00

Armenians have a habit – not to throw away the old, but to redo it … It’s a pity! It is because of this habit that the old chemical plant Nairit, which in fact has not been operating for several years, has become an ideal platform for … parties! The factory will have 5 rooms for every taste.


Entrance for girls is free as well as the first Bloody Mary cocktail.


March 8 in Dvin Music Hall


Friday, March 8, 2019, beginning at 20:00

As part of this wonderful event, talented performers will perform a fantastic concert and a magnificent banquet will be organized. Special guests of the evening will be Reggae Group Reincarnation, Garik, Sona and Aram MP3. In short, the cream of high-quality Armenian music.

Handmade-Expo on Tashir Street 2019

Friday, March 8, 2019, beginning at 10:00

From March 2 to March 9, an Armenian exhibition of handicrafts will be held in a shopping centre in Tashir Street in Northern Avenue. You can find a wide range of handmade accessories which will be the best gift for you and your loved ones. Along with the purchase, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery and receive unexpected gifts from the Tashir company.

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