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Top 10 Most Popular Armenian Foods

Armenian food differs from any other food in the world. Why?

So many reasons for it that you cannot find and mark the most important one of them.

People do not forget their traditions and pass what they know to their children. Armenian cuisine preserves the soul of the nation. The dishes which are checked by time are the most favourite in the country.

Armenian culture food pictures and  recipes

1. Khash Armenian Food

One of the most popular national dishes of Armenian cuisine is khash. This is a soup or chowder of beef legs, cicatrix and garlic. It is sprinkled with herbs before serving.

The process of boiling takes at least 6-8 hours.

The house where the hash is cooked is recognized from a far – from its windows comes out the aroma of the boiled scab. It cannot be confused with anything else.

The broth turns out very dense, rich. Armenians eat it for breakfast or even before breakfast. And it is a custom to accompany khash with vodka. A little strange tradition, but the ancient people said that it was useful.

2. Khorovats Armenian Barbec

Another known national dish of Armenian cuisine is all known as khorovats. In fact, it turns out that this is the usual shashlik – cut by medium pieces of lamb or beef. Most cooks agree that the shish kebab originated from here.

Some people make khorovats with vegetables. They are fried and served with khorovats. Usually tomatoes, pepper and eggplants are chosen from vegetables.

3. Armenian Harisa

Harisa is a special Armenian dish. It is a cereal with meat and groats. It is also the daily dish of Armenian army because it is nutritious. Most victories in army are celebrated with harisa.

Now in Musaler in Armenia every year people celebrate the victory on the Turkish Army in 1915. The holiday takes place at mount Musaler. And Harisa is a mandatory dish of the event.

In a cast-iron vessel or a pan with a thick bottom, a chicken (turkey) is cut into pieces and filled with water. Then in the same capacity, wheat is added and salt is added. All together is cooked for a very long time (at least two or three hours) over a slow fire.

Once the kharisa on the table was served along with the bones of the cooked bird, but modern Armenian housewives make otherwise.

When the cooking meat begins to lag behind the bones independently, they take it out and, completely from the bones, return it to the groats, then continue the cooking further, stirring and gradually pouring water until the meat turns into meat strings, and the wheat into a solid mass

Now a hot kharisa is put on each person in a bowl, and in the middle of the dish a large spoonful of melted butter is spread. You should eat it with a spoon, dipping periodically the food in the oil.

4. Khashlama Armenian Lamb Stew

Traditional Armenian Khashlama is prepared from lamb. Meat in the process of cooking becomes tender, the broth is saturated with juices of fresh summer vegetables and greens, the aroma takes the best that the vine gives.

White onions, tomatoes and sweet peppers are necessarily added in hashlama. Potatoes came to the Armenian diet only in the XIX century, so some people do not add them into the dish. It is a matter of taste. A glass of Armenian wine is compulsory.

During cooking you should not stir to prevent damage to the integrity of vegetables.

5. Lavash: What is Lavash bread made out of?

Lavash is a unique in many ways bread, characterized by an unrivalled taste and prepared from a limited number of simplest foods.

Despite its antiquity, the recipe for Armenian lavash has not changed much over time. With all its advantages, lavash can be considered one of the most useful varieties of bread.

How did the lavash Armenian come about?

One cannot say for sure whether the composition of the first cakes, prepared on fire from crushed cereals, was similar to modern thin lavash. At the same time, one cannot help saying that the composition of the usual lavash is most similar to those that were obtained with the first attempts to make bread. It is a similar flat cake, consisting of two ingredients – water and flour.

Today, lavash is considered to be exclusively an Armenian dish, since it is in the kitchen of Armenian people that it is used as the main type of bread. From the Transcaucasus lavash spread throughout the world.

The word “lavash” is translated as “good food”. This proves that the ancient cooks knew about the benefits and other important qualities of the composition of lavash.

6. Basturma:What is Armenian Basturma made of?

Recipe for Armenian basturma is known for a long time. Thinly sliced slices of dried basturma are usually served as a cold snack. Home Armenian basturma, the price of which is quite high, is a delicacy.

The recipe for cooking basturma appeared in a hot climate and in the absence of refrigerators. To preserve meat in these conditions resorted to the production of basturma by the method of salting and drying.

How to cook Armenian basturma?

To prepare Armenian basturma at home use only lean tender meat of young animals. That is why the caloric value of basturma due to the low content of fats is not too high.

Homemade basturma in Armenian is very tasty, but it’s certainly easier to buy a basturma in the market or in a store, since basturma at home will only be ready in about three weeks.

7. Armenian Fish Kebab

What is Armenian fish kebab?

It is fish with species. The taste is unforgettable. Garlic, saffron, cumin, turmeric, coriander seeds, sweet paprika, vegetable oil. You should mix all ingredients for marinade, then cut fish into portions and marinate (at least 3 hours). Fish kebab is ready. It is very popular in Armenia because people prefer fish all year round.

8. Armenian Crawfish Kebab

Craw fish kebab is one of the most interesting dishes in Armenia. It is something like lobster. The tender meat is blended and formed as sausages. Then you should grill it.

Only in Armenia you can try it!

9. Armenian Dolma (Tolma)

Tolma (dolma) is one of the favourite dishes in Armenia. There are classic cooking rules, but in every family tolma is cooked in its own way. The special thing about it is grape leaves.

The meat is grinded, a lot species are added and everything is wrapped in grape leaves. The aroma of the dish cannot be mixed with anything else!

10. Armenian Spas

Spas is a national Armenian sour-milk soup! One of the most popular and popular in Armenia! Very light and low-calorie, tender, tasty, with sourness…

It can be served hot, for the first (especially in cold weather!), and cold from the refrigerator (in the summer heat)… It warms and refreshes and quenches the hunger…

Spas – is also a very useful soup! At Armenian people it by all means feed fed family members at cold, a flu, temperature… Spas helps or assists at intestinal frustration, a headache, a high pressure.

Spas is one of the masterpieces of Armenian cuisine!!! Spas for the Armenian, that BORSCH – for the Ukrainian, OKROSHKA – for the Russian, or PASTE – for the Italian!!!

Armenian food opens for you only unknown and enjoyable…