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Top Traditional Dishes You Need To Try While In Armenia

If you have planned your trip to Armenia than it would be better to delay your diet for a while because here you cannot resist trying delicious pieces of Armenian national cuisine.

Important to mention that Armenian food and cuisine is entirely clean and organic. Moreover, both meat lovers and vegetarians will discover their favorite Armenian national food.
Here are some top traditional dishes in Armenia that you would not like to miss.


You might say all nations have a barbecue in their cuisine, but khorovats is something different and unique. Meat for Khorovats can be of your choice and preference; beef, pork or chicken. Khorovats is not just a dish for Armenians; making process is a kind of separate ritual.

An essential part of khorovats preparations is making a special sauce for meat and leave it to marinade for some time. Traditionally Armenian khorovats is prepared only by men.

There is good news for vegetarians; as a side dish roasted vegetables like eggplants, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes are also prepared. Ready meat is served with lavash (soft, thin flatbread cooked in tonir) and special tomato sauce with herbs and onions.



Another important dish from Traditional food in Armenia is Khash. Making and eating khash is also a kind of Armenian tradition, not just a dish. Armenians usually gather with friends and relatives early in the morning to eat khash.

The preparation process is quite long, as after cleaning the meat and keeping in cold water to get rid of bad smell meat is boiled in water all night. Khash is served with garlic with dry lavash and is eaten with soft lavash by hands.

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