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Vardavar Armenian tradition [Facts and Dates]

Vardavar is a fun festival in Armenian. During Vardavar people splash water on each other.

Vardavar Armenian tradition

During Vardavar people of all ages splash water on each other.  In general, Armenians pour buckets of water from their windows on the people they know or even they do not know. Children have too much fun. Vardavar is also a great way to escape the hot summer days.

Vardavar origin

Speaking about the history of Vardavar we should mention that it goes back to pagan times. This festival is associated with the goddess of water, beauty, fertility and love whose name is Astghik.

Vardavar meaning

The origin of the name Vardavar came from these festivals dedicated to the goddess when Armenians presented her roses as a celebration (vard in Armenian means “rose” and the word var means “rise”). So that’s why Vardavar is celebrated during the harvest.

Yerevan Vardavar

Vardavar celebration in Yerevan is always unique as on this day people come to Swan Lake and they are allowed to splash water from the lake. People sometimes jump into the lake and start splashing water on each other or on the passers-by.

When is Vardavar 2018?

Usually, Vardavar is celebrated 98 days (14 weeks) after the Christian Easter Holiday. In 2018 Vardavar will take place on the 8th of July. In the centre of Yerevan, the emphasize is going to be on the Swan Lake.

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