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Velvet Revolution Armenia in 2018

Armenia, a small country with big minds and big dreams, and these dreams of getting rid of oligarchs, hyper-capitalism, bribes, poverty, and so on gave birth to this velvet revolution.

The movement named “My Step” organized by Nikol Pashinyan, a representative of the opposition started a movement against the president Serzh Sarkisian who decided to take also prime minister’s chair and rule Armenians without giving any right to them.

Slogans of the Velvet Revolution in Armenia

Any movement has its slogans and people learn them by heart very quickly. Here are some of the slogans of the movement was “Deny Serzh”,”We are the owners of our country”, “Deny the Republican Party of Armenia”, “Free and Independent Armenia”.

Who was the leader of the movement?

The opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan was the leader of this peaceful disobedience who rose to an iconic level in the eyes of Armenians. He seems to be a hero who saved Armenia from the regime. He is the first prime minister who answered the questions of the journalists without any papers and in 3 languages without a translator.

Why was it called the Velvet Revolution?

The revolution was called Velvet as there was no violence, no blood, no deaths and not a bullet fired. People were obedient but free, they did not crush with the police, instead, they hug the police. Armenians closed the streets by dancing, playing the piano and singing. It seemed to be a holiday than a revolution.

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