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Хор Вирап на фоне Арарата

Visiting Armenia on a Budget

The spring vacations are near and you are not sure where to visit on a budget? Welcome to one of the most ancient countries in the world – Armenia, rich with lovely nature, hospitable people and delicious food. Recently, many world-famous magazines have ranked Armenia in the top list of tourist destinations and many enthusiasts find their way to this marvelous country to know more about its culture, history, and traditions. Things to do in Armenia include exploration of ancient culture and historical sites, hiking through the untouched nature and beautiful landscapes, tasting the delicious cuisine, local experiences, etc.

How much does it cost to go to Armenia and travel on a budget? Is Armenia cheap or expensive?

There are many flights to Armenia from more than 50 cities in the world. Some low-cost airplanes, such as the Ryanair and Wizzair, have flights to Armenia as well, with ticket prices less than $100 (if you purchase the tickets well before your flight).

Let’s suppose that you are already in Armenia and you wonder where to start your trip from, what are the things to see in Armenia, how to make your visit memorable. Armenia is relatively inexpensive compared to European countries, Russia, the USA, etc. For example, you can taste traditional Armenian dishes in restaurants for around $15-20, or visit museums for $5 per ticket. The pubs, bars or cafés are also very affordable, even if right in the city center.

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