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Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Love has long had a strong connection with different types of flowers symbolizing different emotions.

This article will help you find out the best flowers for the anniversary of wedding and love. Flowers are always the best gift idea.

1st Anniversary: Carnation

Carnation is the best flower to celebrate the loving couple’s first wedding anniversary, as carnation seems to be the representative of young and passionate love. The legend has it that a fresh carnation bouquet would cause immediate and lasting love.

2nd Anniversary: Cosmos

The second anniversary seems to be a time when the couple puts aside their simple love and replaces it with a stronger feeling. The cosmos itself symbolizes not the simple love affair, which sometimes fades, but the power of real love.3rd Anniversary: Sunflower

Sunflower mixes the strong, colorful, and passionate sides of the 3rd year married life. The sturdy stalk of the sunflower seems to be the strong foundation upon which the marriage is based. The yellow petals show the love and passion of the couple.4th Anniversary: Geranium

The colorful geranium is the best flower to describe the importance of the 4th year of married life event. Four years is a time when the couple finds the combination of their habits. The geranium symbolizes the comfort of the relationship of the loving couple.5th Anniversary: Daisy

Daisy is a very meaningful flower. The center of it symbolizes their experiences during their married life. Each petal, both delicate and strong, represents the way by which the couple will grow and expand. Besides that daisy symbolizes fidelity.

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