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Armenia is one of the most ancient states of the world, which has deep historical roots and has survived to the present day. The history of Armenia begins from time immemorial.

armeniaOver these millennia, Armenians have repeatedly lived all the various positions, ranging from able states to the brink of complete destruction. It is not known by what principle, but the fact is that these very people were chosen for the most complicated historical scenario – full of events, evil surprises, and dead ends.

Armenia has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. This is stated in the article of the Australian edition of Luxury Travel. The publication named five destinations for tourist visits in 2019. The list is headed by Armenia.

“Armenians were the first nation to adopt Christianity. This country produces the world famous brandy, which has been produced since the 12th century,” the article says.

Among the advantages of Armenia, the publication notes the spectacular mountain landscapes, as well as amazing monuments – from Christian churches to a pagan temple.

ArmeniaThe article also touches upon the theme of the capital of Armenia – Yerevan. The publication describes Yerevan as a charming city with wide boulevards, cafes and wine restaurants where you can enjoy delicious cuisine and wines from local grape varieties.

The list of 5 destinations recommended by the publication also includes Egypt, Japan, Rwanda, and the Australian Kimberley region.

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source – Levon Travel

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