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Top Trip is a platform where trilingual materials and tips are published about the sights of Armenia, leisure and entertainment zones.

Social networking sites operate on Facebook, Vkontakte , Instagram and other social networks, allowing the site’s content to be spread on those platforms while maintaining a more interactive relationship with the targeted audience.

In this context, there are many opportunities and directions for cooperation.



Therefore, we are open and kindly invite all interested people to cooperate:

Partnership options:

  • travel agencies,
  • hotels,
  • recreation zones,
  • restaurants,
  • cafes,
  • car rental
  • and so on.


  • You can choose or suggest a specific section, an article series and become a sponsor of that section.
  •  Place your promotional adverts on the site’s main and/or internal pages,
  •  Place your advertising suggestions in texts,
  • Order Blog Tour + Photoreports about your service or product,
  • Publish thematic articles,
  • Order a photo report,
  • Place your site’s links in different formats,
  • Testing and detailed report of accessories and services , photoreports,
  • Convenient bargaining.
  • Your version…


Let’s start today.

Hust call +374 95 277 214 or email us [email protected] ։