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Yerevan Jazz Festival 2018 – Armenian Jazz Events

Jazz is a music genre originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans. Yerevan Jazz Festival is an annual festival dedicated to Jazz and is meant to honor the presence of Jazz in our life.

Yerevan Jazz Festival is organized with the help of Armenian Jazz Association and Mezzo Production. Last year’s Yerevan Jazz Festival 2017 was dedicated to Avedis Zildjian who is the founder of famous cymbal manufacturer Zildjian Company.

Armenian Jazz and Jazz Festival

Armenia is a cultural country and it was not surprising that here are the best Jazz Festival and the best events. There are various events dedicated to Jazz Music in Armenia: they can be Open-air Concerts, Jazz Day at Radio Van, Jazz Month and so on.


Yerevan Jazz Festival 2018

Only the date of Yerevan Jazz Festival 2018 is known: it will be held on April 30. The organizers are keeping the information in secret. Stay with us to know more about Yerevan Jazz Festival event.