jazz fest-armenia

Jazz as a music genre is quite popular in Armenia, and Armenian jazz bands are very much appreciated for their work. Live jazz performance events are organized all year around in different venues. The culmination of all such events, however, is the Yerevan Jazz Festival!


Every year, the capital of Armenia hosts the most expected event of the year for jazz lovers.


During the Yerevan Jazz Festival, performances are done not only by the local jazz musicians but also by other invitees who are the most prominent award-winning performers from around the world. Organized by the Armenian Jazz Association and Mezzo Production, the goal of the festival is to celebrate this incredible music genre and be exposed to getting to know some famous artists from all over the world, such as Marcus Miller and Arturo Sandoval.



Each year, the theme and performers of the festival are different, and so is the timing. The fest is usually held in the fall season but open-air concerts and other events with many amazing performers are organized years around. For example, multiple Grammy award winner Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio is performing in Yerevan on April 30th on International Jazz Day. So, even if the performance isn’t done within the framework of the fest, Armenia’s capital is always busy hosting such exciting events.

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