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Зиплайн в Армении

Yerevan Zipline Airlines – 60 Seconds of Excitement and Surprise

If Armenia is a mysterious treasure island, then we are greedy pirates who are looking for endless adventures. Indeed, we still have so many interesting activities to discover, but the time is still enough for us.

There are about a dozen initiatives and success stories. So follow us in the future too. And now let us tell you about our latest “discovery”.

Yerevan Zipline Airlines

This time we received an invitation from Yerevan Zipline Airlines: it is the only zip line in Yerevan.

Yerevan ZipLine Airlines

It was built in 2017 and it was officially “used” in 2018, the 4th of January.


Zipline was built within the frameworks of Municipality-private sector cooperation by “AlterEgo” company at “Arabkir” park in Yerevan.

Zhirayr Musheghyan

zhirayr musheghyan

Zhirayr Musheghyan, the co-founder and the executive director of Yerevan Zipline Airlines invited us to visit Yerevan Zipline. Zhirayr is one of those young men, whose diverse development and the boundless ideas should serve as an example for many young people.

Zhirayr is a dentist, but he is also involved in organic agriculture, as well as he is the owner of this exciting and brave idea.

“Arabkir” park

Zhirayr said that he has further plans for the development of the park, and now Arabkir Park is being improved and cared for.


The goal of one of the projects is to create an open-air library in the park.

Some facts about Yerevan Zipline

Yerevan Zipline Airways is the longest in the region. It has 2 runways from Arabkir administrative district to Ajapnyak administrative district and from Ajapnyak administrative district to Arabkir administrative district.


Yerevan Zipline runway is the only one in the world that passes under the bridge.


As Zhirayr told us, 80 million AMD have been spent on the implementation of the AlterEgo project, but the program has not yet been finished and another 45-50 million AMD should be invested. The end of the project is expected at the end of 2018.

Extremely safe flight

When you are standing at the start of the runway, thoughts and feelings of regret visit you, but the rush for new emotions overcomes these barriers.


A professional and constantly trained team, which also collaborates with the MES, inspired us to be self-confident and feel secure.

The length of the first track is approximately 870 meters, the height is 123 meters at the beginning and 87-90 meters under the bridge. It is an indescribable sensation, a bunch of feelings – fear, admiration, amazement, enjoyment.

We went to the first runway together with my love, and I must say it is a good opportunity to confess honest love.

And already on the second runway, we came back separately, more skilful and brave.

The second runway is shorter, the length is 650 meters, the height is 60 meters. When flying across this zip line, one can develop speeds up to 120-140km / h.

Our impressions

Were we afraid? Yes.

Was it safe? Surely.

Is it worth trying? Immediately.

This was an unforgettable experience for us.

Thank you

We are thankful to Zhirayr and his professional team for an adventurous and an exciting day. We are also grateful for all those ambitious projects which have been implemented and will be implemented in our city. Good luck to you!


Here is the facebook page of Yerevan Zipline, to get more information about Yerevan Zipline Airlines.